Remove Maya Sign-In Button from 2017

Maya 2017 introduced a lot of cool features and one really ugly one: this new "Sign In" button at the top of the screen.

Normally, I wouldn't really care about it, but it doesn't really have a place in the program. They have the Autodesk Application Manager, so ...

Maya 2016 + Visual Studio 2015

Somebody over on Rigging Dojo posted a question about this today, and I wrote up a gist 6 months for it, so I thought I'd display this more prominantly.

Here's the link to the gist

And here's the steps if you don't want to click through ...


If you're not using Dash, Velocity, or Zeal as a docset manager, I highly recommend grabbing them immediately.

I've made docsets for Blender, Hiero, and PyMel and they're available through the Dash-User-Contributions.

The source for them is also available below:




Note: PyMel is for ...

ART Tools Ported to OSX

The Animation and Rigging Toolkit has been used extensively since it was released, but it's always been missing one feature - it was never available for OS X.

I've ported over Jeremy Ernst's and Unreal Engine's ART tools to work cross-platform. A video is below showing them ...

Maya Setup In XCode

I wrote up a PDF for the Rigging Dojo C++ API course for how to set up XCode to work with Maya. I was the only person in the class using XCode, so I had to figure everything out by myself. I figured I would write up something to help ...

Scripting Kit in Modo

I recorded this video a few years ago demonstrating how to build a kit in Modo. It goes through the basics of normal kit setup and by the end of it, you make a kit that gives you a scripting layout to work in. The Scripting layout isn't really ...