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Sublime Text Plugin for generating Kits, Commands & Plugins for Modo

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Sublime Text Plugin for generating Modo Commands inside of Sublime.


Install through Package Control by searching for "Modo Plugin Builder" Or download the ZIP and go to Preferences > Browse Packages and put the ModoPluginBuilder folder in there. Then restart Sublime.


You will have a new submenu at the bottom of Tools which will allow you to create a Modo command or create a new kit.

Both of these go to the USER Scripts folder. Part of the reason I chose to make this is that on OS X, the new function that is currently inside of Modo will install to the root directory and cause permission errors. The other reason I made this is because it's a nice idea but it's only available to people who purchased 901.

Plus, I prefer Sublime.

You can also directly open the Modo documentation forums as well as search the TDSDK and SDK pages from within Sublime. Simply go to Tools > Modo Plugins > Search TDSDK Docs / Search PyAPI Docs and the input will appear at the bottom of the Sublime Text window for what you want to search for.

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