Learning to Learn Notes

Lecture Notes

Make notebooks of things to learn

Feynman Technique:

1: Identify The Subject
    - understand what the topic that we're trying to learn is.
        - The best way to do this is to write down everything you know.
        - As you learn more things about it, add to that repository of knowledge.
2: Explain it to someone who would know nothing about the topic.
    - Be able to speak in plain, simple terms
    - When you speak without jargon, it frees you from hiding behind knowledge that you don't have
        - You start to be able to realize when you know how something works, vs when you understand what something was called
        - A lot of times, you think you understand something, but you really only understand the word or the term. Not the underlying ideas or concept.
    - Diagrams help
As you start to try to explain something with brevity, you start to realize there may be things you don't know.

3: Identify any gaps in your knowledge.
    - Filling in the gaps is where the actual learning happens.
4: Organize & Simplify into a narrative.
    - use analogies to make storytelling more impactful.

Reinforce what you know

By reframing our own mental model into the context of explaining to others, we realize where own gaps are far more quickly.