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Maya 2017 on Ubuntu 17.04

This is going to be a post mainly for myself so I can remember it whenever I have to inevitably set it up again.

This will ape off of Frederik Averpil's prior article without which, I would have given up in desperation. So thanks to him for publishing his steps …

Maya with CMake

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.6)

set(MAYA_VERSION 2017 CACHE STRING "Maya Version Number")



# OS Specific environment setup
    # Windows

Remove Maya Sign-In Button from 2017

Maya 2017 introduced a lot of cool features and one really ugly one: this new "Sign In" button at the top of the screen.

Normally, I wouldn't really care about it, but it doesn't really have a place in the program. They have the Autodesk Application Manager, so what's the …

Maya 2016 + Visual Studio 2015

Somebody over on Rigging Dojo posted a question about this today, and I wrote up a gist 6 months for it, so I thought I'd display this more prominantly.

Here's the link to the gist

And here's the steps if you don't want to click through:

MayaPluginWizard never works. Here …

ART Tools Ported to OSX

The Animation and Rigging Toolkit has been used extensively since it was released, but it's always been missing one feature - it was never available for OS X.

I've ported over Jeremy Ernst's and Unreal Engine's ART tools to work cross-platform. A video is below showing them working.

Unreal Engine Animation …

Maya Setup In XCode

I wrote up a PDF for the Rigging Dojo C++ API course for how to set up XCode to work with Maya. I was the only person in the class using XCode, so I had to figure everything out by myself. I figured I would write up something to help …